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"By investing together, our interests are perfectly aligned"

Investing In UK Residential Property Is What We Do

We have been investing in Income Producing, Residential Property for ourselves and our clients for 20 years. Property is our passion.
Become our partner today and you too will become a Professional Property Investor.
Whether it is time, knowledge or money that is holding you back, we will build you a property portfolio quicker than anyone else.
You can partner up with us, on our next big property purchase.
What is unique about us is that the majority of our clients are exact 50/50 owners of the properties that they invest in, rather than just a percentage shareholder.
Why Invest With Us?

Partner with us and we will make your money work for you.

We source the property, buy the property, refurbish the property, manage the property and generate profit from the property. 

Sit back and let us do what we do best.

Our Professional Infrastructure allows for every investment to perform effortlessly, keeping you updated every step of the way

  • Solicitors

  • Accountants

  • Financial Advisors

  • Tax Planners

  • Finders

  • Contractors

Keeping The Cogs Moving
What Are You Investing In?

You are investing in UK Residential Buy to Let Property.

You will benefit from everything a property investor would benefit from.

Our most popular venture is our 50% Partnership where we are exact, equal, 50/50 Partners with you


Things Happen.

What We Do
There are two fundamental aspects to our business. The properties that we source and the investors that we buy them with. The two go hand in hand.
As Buyers
We buy all types of residential property, specialising in single family units requiring as much work as possible. Repossessions, Probates, Low Lease and all other typical under market value properties. We can exchange contracts within 24 hours and pay deposit amounts of up to £50,000 into the sellers account the same day that the sale is agreed.
Our Investors
The majority of our Investors join forces with us mainly to take advantage of the hands off approach that suits their lifestyle. However, a small proportion of our Investors would rather pay a fee for our service in order to own 100% of the Portfolio that we build for them.
With as little as £30,000 you can be part of our most popular programme, the 50/50 Joint Venture Partnership.

"Learn from us while we work together"

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