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Virtual Interactive Property Platform

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55+ 4k HD Interactive Video Lessons

What does life have in store for you next?  


The UK's Number 1 Property Investing training programme is finally here

The ultimate Property iNvesting Course

Absolute beginner, to confident property investing, in just a few short months

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55+ 4k HD Training Videos

Access to my virtual interactive training platform

PDF Downloadables

MP3 versions of each training module for on the go learning

Interactive Q & A sessions with over 1000 multiple answer questions



Half Price

Thursday & Friday 7:30am


This is online virtual learning meets property mentor, and I like to call it, Virtual Mentor

There's nothing worse than paying TENS OF THOUSANDS for the same results that you can gain, for a fraction of the price.

And why spend years learning by yourself, and losing hundreds of thousands on mistakes, when you can learn from mine. I believe that you will gain your entire monies worth in value from just a handful of my videos, let alone the whole programme

But I know what you are thinking, “Property Mentors cost absolutely thousands" and rightly so, there time is extremely expensive.”

Sure you will get the desired results by using a Property Mentor, but it will cost you most of the deposit that you have saved for your first property purchase...

Property iNvesting 101.png

... if you've got money to burn and the free time to travel to and from the required venues, then great, but...

Property iNvesting 101.png
Property iNvesting 101.png


My name's Damian Murray, and I'd like to introduce you to the UK's First Virtual, Interactive, Property Training Platform, Property iNvesting 101.

When leaving home at the age of 16, and spending 4 years ducking and diving on the streets of London, before landing into property at the age of 21, I thought there was literally no future for me.

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All from the comfort of your own home

But I soon realised that I was wrong when finding property created an entirely different future for me

Now, with Property iNvesting 101, you too can learn what I have learned and the knowledge that I used to turn my life around.

No more wondering what it takes to become a property investor,...

No more boring and long winded property training programmes that you simply do not finish...

And no more paying a small fortune and having to travel and give up days of your time, and simply be another number within a group of individuals.

This programme will prepare you to take on every type of property investing opportunity there is?


From leaving home at 16, it took me 4 years to land my first real job, and it was as a trainee estate agent for an extremely successful chain of East London Estate Agents, called Adam Kennedy...

After around a year they promoted me to assistant manager, and two years later, they made me manager. After two years of being manager I bought the company.

Not only was we one of the busiest estate agents in East London but we was the pilot agency responsible for launching Easy Move, the first company to place an actual solicitor in the office of an estate agents.

The sheer volume of transactions that we were doing coupled with the fact that the in-house solicitor was based right there, working there alongside me, accelerated my knowledge and experience exponentially.

At 22 I had bought my first property, and by 28 I had bought my first 100. I started with £5.

Property iNvesting 101.png

I have been a managing partner of the estate agents for 15 years and a property investor for almost 20 years. I experienced and survived the recession of 2009 and my trials and tribulations have made me who I am today. I have designed planned and managed over 250 refurbishments and bought and sold over 100 million pounds worth of property.

I have bought over 200 properties using the BRRR strategy alone and purchased a multi million pound block of flats using none of my own money, making almost half a million pound in less than 9 months and creating over £10,000 in passive income from that one deal alone. Today, for the first time, I am here to show you what you need to know to get started on the same path as me.

WITH Property iNvesting 101, YOU'LL GET:

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"I guess you could say that Property iNvesting 101 is like having your very own Property Mentor, right there, in virtual form, at your beck and call"

"Minus the multiple thousands of pounds, attending venues and filling out bundles of paperwork"

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  • An online training programme that offers the closest thing to being a virtual Property Mentor

  • Not only will you learn the art of property investing but it will be fun and interactive

  • No long essays, no tedious course work, just press and play, interactive Q & A sessions   

  • It will give you the tools and the confidence to get started in property immediately, no matter your current position

  • All online, from the comfort of your own home, using a smart phone or lap top

  • Guaranteed to not only get you started in property but to make property investing your new found profession

  • Learn how to raise finance, start with nothing, negotiate the optimal purchase price and structure a BRRR deal

  • I also cover no money down, rent to rents, HMO's, lease option agreements and so much more

12 Modules

55+ HD Interactive Video eLessons 

Thursday & Friday 7:30am

1, Game Plan

Buy to sell

Buy to rent


Joint Ventures

Angel Investors

2, Houses

Mid Terraced

End of Terrace

Semi Detached


Property Periods

3, Flats


House Conversions

The Lease

The lease renewal

Ground Rent

Service Charge

4, Multi Unit



Multi Family

Student Accomodation

Mixed Use

5, Numbers Game

Capital appreciation



Interest Rate


6, Professional 


The Letting Agent

The Selling Agent

The Architect

The Solicitor

The Mortgage Broker

7, Planning &


Planning Permission

Building Regulations

Permitted Development

Established Use

8, The Deal

How To Find A Deal

Buying From Auction

Calculate Your Offer

How To Build A Pipeline

Own or Rent Your Home

9, The Process

Searching For Deals

Choosing Your Property

Choosing Your Location

How To Submit Your Offer

Choose The Right Mortgage

10, Starting With


Deal Sourcing

Rent 2 Rent

Lease Option Agr