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Property                  iNvesting 

Virtual Interactive Property School

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55+ 4k HD Interactive Video Lessons

What does life have in store for you next?  

intro video

The ultimate Property iNvesting Course

Absolute beginner, to confident property investing, in just a few short months

55+ 4k HD Training Videos

Access to my virtual interactive training platform

Downloadable, pre written PDF course notes

MP3 versions of each training module



Fixed price upon launch

Pre order price  

Property iNvesting 101.png

The easiest Property iNvesting course ever made

Take each lesson when you want, and from wherever you want 

Can be viewed and interacted with from any lap top, tablet of smartphone

Learn from the sofa, your bed, on a train or in a coffee shop, literally anywhere

MP3 versions to listen to in the gym, on a run or whilst commuting

No long essays, no long exams

Just watch the videos & press some buttons

I will be right there, waiting for you, in virtual form, everytime you log in

Property iNvesting 101.png

Crash it all out in a few days or spread it out, over a few months

Property iNvesting 101.png
Property iNvesting 101.png

Is this the right course for you?

What are you hoping to achieve?

Are you ready to completely change the way that you look at working?

Live life on your terms

Are you tired of working 10 hours a day?

Are you fed up of working for someone else?

Are you unemployed and looking for a way to get yourself back on track

Are you just starting out in the working world and think that property might be a good fit for you?

Do you want to be prepared to take on every type of property investing opportunity?

All from the comfort of your own home

Damian Murray.png

It is time for a change

Make today the first day of your new career as a property professional

Knowledge means nothing without action

Only you can make the change

Life is about having more time to do the things that you actually want to do, rather than the things that you have to do?

Is it time to be your own boss and live life on your own terms?

Are looking to start work but are not sure what direction to go in?

Do you want to start off your working life on the right foot and invest your time in a career path with a future, that suits you?

Build a secure future for you and your loved ones

Property iNvesting 101.png

What will you learn

Easy to understand, easy to follow

Covering all of the basics, in detail, and much, much more

What will you learn?

It is not enough to just learn the latest strategy or the latest fad, you need to learn it all.

What are the different property types and periods

Various buying strategies such as BRRR, No money down, HMO's, Option Agreements and Rent to rents, what do they mean?

How to choose and instruct a solicitor, a mortgage broker and estate agent

Understanding planning permission and building regulations

Learn the different ways to buy to sell, and how to add value for maximum returns

Damian Murray.png

12 Modules

55+ HD Interactive Video eLessons 

1, Game Plan

Buy to sell

Buy to rent


Joint Ventures

Angel Investors

2, Houses

Mid Terraced

End of Terrace

Semi Detached


Property Periods

3, Flats


House Conversions

The Lease

The lease renewal

Ground Rent

Service Charge

4, Multi Unit



Multi Family

Student Accomodation

Mixed Use

5, Numbers Game

Capital appreciation



Interest Rate


6, Professional 


The Letting Agent

The Selling Agent

The Architect

The Solicitor

The Mortgage Broker

7, Planning &


Planning Permission

Building Regulations

Permitted Development

Established Use

8, The Deal

How To Find A Deal

Buying From Auction

Calculate Your Offer

How To Build A Pipeline

Own or Rent Your Home

9, The Process

Searching For Deals

Choosing Your Property

Choosing Your Location

How To Submit Your Offer

Choose The Right Mortgage

10, Starting With


Deal Sourcing

Rent 2 Rent

Lease Option Agreements

No Money Down

Work For Free

11, The


Direct to Normal Owner

Direct to Difficult Owner

Negotiating When Sourcing

The Best Possible Light

12, Tax

Personal Name Vs Limited Company

Income Tax

Corporation Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Inheritance Tax

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iNvestor Accelerator

Free Bonus #1 worth 

Limited to the first 500 registrations only



Live Training

I will talk you through and walk you through, each and every module,

live and in person, further cementing your knowledge

The ultimate learning assistance

Usually £3,995 when not part of this promotion

This is only available for the initial launch

Streaming software limited to 500 viewers only

Strictly first come, first serve

Repetition is one of the cornerstones of learning

Weekly live training with me - Q & A available

I will walk you through every module, every step

A minimum of 12 weeks accelerated training

Become an absolute pro


Free Bonus #2 


Learn the main stages of a back to brick refurb


101 Black.png

Self Managing or instructing a Main Contractor? Either way, by taking this course, you will have more than a basic understanding of the types of jobs, and contractors, that you will be dealing with.

Measure twice and cut once

12+ 4k training eLearning videos

Full on, complete, iNteractive training programme

Laptop, tablet or smart phone

Learn what to get done and when

How to create & communicate your refurb plan

How to create your new floor plan

How to choose the heating system that suits

Learn how much of the work you can do yourself

Save thousands by  knowing how to manage your project

Property iNvesting 101

12+ HD Video Training Programme


101 White (1) (1).png

Learn exactly what it takes to approve and select every tenant you will ever have

Free Bonus #3



Why pay a letting agent hundreds, if not thousands, when you can learn how to advertise, reference and select your tenants yourself

Save yourself thousands in agents fees

Do you really need a  letting agent or can you do it yourself?

Learn how to structure your viewings?

Is it possible to run and approve references yourself?

You will not believe how easy it is

How important is a Rent Protection Insurance?

What is just as important as a good reference?

How should you dress your property to secure the most amount of interest?

If you would rather use a letting agent, then at least learn what it takes to give you the best possible service

Untitled design (11).png

10+ HD Video Training Programme

Free Bonus #4 




Why pay a managing agent when you can do it yourself

101 Black.png

It's not about how much you make, it's about how much you keep. 

Managing your income and expenses, and maximising profits should

be your No1 priority

Untitled design (20).png
Untitled design (21).png
Add a subheading (2).png

10+ HD Video Training Programme

If you don't watch your money, no one else will

10+ 4k training eLearning videos

Full on, complete, iNteractive training programme

Renewing your tenancy & increasing rent

When to use a Section 8 or Section 42 Notice

Collecting rent & handling non paying tenan

How to create your new floor plan

How to choose the heating system that suits

Learn how much of the work you can do yourself

Save thousands by  knowing how to manage your project

Free Bonus #2

6 Months Membership

Usually £7.99 per month

The iNteractive Platform Allows any course to become fully interactive

Included in the Memberhip Plan

Access to the iNteractive Training Platform

Access to the Exclusive Members Lounge

Exclusive never before seen videos

Access to at least one new deal per day

Direct access to me or my team

Available immediately

Free Bonus #4

15 Mini Book Box Set

Complete mini book series RRP £74.99

Same message, different format

A complete series of

Property iNvesting knowledge

15 mini book box set

A complete series 

MP3 Version of each booklet

Pi 101 reformatted

Guide form for easy reference

Covering all the absolute essentials

Release date 1st July 2021

Property iNvesting 101
Pi 101

Free Bonus #3

My First Book

Release date 1st June 2021

Property iNvesting 101

Be the first to receive my first eBook

Be the first to receive your copy upon launch

The first book of a series of 7

Start collecting now

How do you best absorb knowledge?

Release date 1st July 2021

Free Bonus #5

FaceBook Group

Exclusive, Pi 101 Members Only

Property iNvesting 101 FB Community

A community of property beginners, all in it together

Free access for life to the first 500 subscribers

Networking community

Grow together

Help each other build

Direct access to me and my team

All questions answered

Available immediately

Pi 101
Pi 101

Other courses available in the 101 series

All courses can be iNteractive under one membership plan

Take all courses in the 101 Series to become a Property Professional in all areas



Property iNvesting 101
iRent 101
iManage 101

All courses have been completely filmed and are now with the iNteractive software company

Release date is scheduled for the 1st July 2021 for all courses

Learn how to advertise your property, handle the viewings, submit the references and prepare the tenancy agreements.

Whether you wish to instruct a Letting agent or you wish to handle it all yourself, after taking this course, you will understand every aspect of finding, choosing and approving your tenant.

iRefurb 101


iRefurb 101

So you have bought yourself a deal, and now it needs to be refurbished.  What are the stages that you need to follow, and in what order do they need to be completed?

Do you plan on Self Managing or instructing a Main Contractor? Either way, by taking this course, you will have more than a basic understanding of the types of jobs, and contractors, that you will be dealing with.

Junior iNvestor

Junior iNvestor 101
Junior iNvestor 101

Tenants, toilets and termites, is it really that difficult to manage your own buy to let? Certainly not.

And after sitting this programme you will learn how to handle maintenance issues, rent collecting and non paying tenants. Whether you want to manage it yourself or just know what your managing agent is up to, this course has got you covered.


iFreehold 101
iFreehold 101

Ever thought of owning your freehold? How much can they make you and are they worth having as part of your portfolio?

They most definitely are. Ground Rents, Service Charge, Lease Renewals, Loft Conversions, Planning Permissions and additional units. The potential for extra income is abundant, you just need to know how.

iFreehold 101

Why wait until you need it to start learning about it? Money is an everyday necessity that makes the world go round, so why do we not teach our kids about? 

We all know that if we put in enough effort throughout the first 20 years of our lives, then we make our next 60 years much easier.

If we do not give it our all, then our next 60 years will be much harder.

So why do we not explain this to the ones we love the most? Maybe it is best if they hear it from someone else. Just send them my way.

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