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Property iNvesting

iNvest like a Pro

By iNvesting together our interests are perfectly aligned

Learn Property iNvesting from just £7.99 per month

Safe as houses

Facts, figures and calculations

An example of our safest and most basic type of deal

If you want to iNvest with me or be mentored by me WhatsApp me now




Break down Selwyn Ave

The bold & the brave

Bigger deals mean bigger profits

This deal generates me over £10,000 per month after mortgage payment

I done this using none of my own money

If you have a deal for me and my Mentees to buy, we pay the highest fees


Your Deal


How does it work

There should only be two things on your mind

Profit & Security


Whats the next step

You only need to make one decision

Long term or short term

Learn More iNvest

Do you qualify

What does it take to be a Property Sauce Partner

Credit & Culture


Bigger Pockets

Exclusive funds

Multi Family & Commercial


60 minute business plan

Get in touch if you want me to do one with you

Below is a one hour live presentation worth over £500 between me and a mentee where I cover how to structure your business plan, how the BRRR works and how to implement it, how I would structure my portfolio for legacy building, how to calculate the rental calculation, how our joint venture agreements work and so much more. 

I am not a qualified accountant or financial advisor.

WhatsApp me for the password


This plan was done as part of a free morning experience and is for demonstration purposes only. Mentees will require a much more in depth presentation in order to produce a business plan that can be actioned.

WhatsApp me for your personailsed Business Plan



Please remember that past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance, the performance of funds is not guaranteed and the value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you may get back less than you invest.

I am iNterested
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