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7 Day Challenge

7 Day Challenge


Ever wondered what it is like to be a property investor? Ever wondered how much work and effort is required? Ever wondered how much money you would need to buy your first place and how you would go about choosing the right property and the right location?

Well wonder no more. Within these 7 simple steps you will learn exactly what it takes and whether or not you are ready.

This  is super simple and cannot be failed, it is a challenge and not a test. 

This challenge will consist of 7 videos for you to watch, each giving you simple tasks, designed to push you out of your comfort zone and start taking ACTION.

It is not 7 consecutive days, so you can do them over a time period that best suits you. There is no paperwork or long essays. 

You can login from anywhere, at any time and using any Smart Phone, Lap Top or Tablet. 

I will be there in virtual form, waiting for you, ready to guide you through every step of the way.

It is designed to be super simple and super convenient. This is 2021.

This is a win, win challenge. If you complete it and tell me that it was super easy, then you are by far, ready to start your new profession as a Property Investor. 

If you tell me that it was difficult, then that means that you now know exactly what it takes to complete the basic aspects of Property Investing, and again, will be ready to take the next steps on your journey to becoming your very own boss.

This is not get rich quick, this is get your show on the road.

I look forward to seeing there, and helping you get into Property Investing Shape.

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