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Property iNvesting 101

Property iNvesting 101


The UK's 1st Interactive Property Training Platform

Exclusive - Property iNvesting 101 Series


Two years in the making, working alongside the world's leading Interactive Software Specialist, I bring you the UK's first Interactive Property Training Programme, that is designed from the ground up, to take anyone, with absolutely no property knowledge whatsoever, and to teach them exactly what it takes, to become a professional Property Investor. 


All from online Interactive Training Videos, that you can log in and watch, from the comfort of your own home. You don't even need to leave the sofa.

This is the main programme forming part of the eagerly awaited, Property iNvesting 101 - iSeries


I'm not just saying this, it really is next level. 


This state of the art technology, never used before in the UK Property Industry, means that I will be right there by your side, in virtual form, the whole time. Whenever you log in, I will be there waiting.


And I score your report cards, recording your progress, giving you massive accountability. 


There is no property training course that has the amount of content that the iSeries has. 


This software format means that it is built in such a way, that all you have to do is watch the videos and press some buttons. There is no long essays, no exams, and no coursework.


All notes and downloadable PDFs are stored in your File Vault for you to download whenever you wish and all topics are chaptered and tagged so that you can search for any aspect of property investment, and find exactly what it is that you are looking for. 


There is an MP3 version of every module for you to listen to on the go, and 7 books and 3 box sets being released in the near future to accompany, and then complete, your entire, learning experience.


Also available in the iSeries is, iRent, iRefurbish, iManage, iFreehold and Junior iNvestor.


There is 60 years of joint property investing knowledge that has gone into the development of this academy, and the platform that is hosting all of the interactive content across the whole of the iSeries, is world renowned.


If you are serious about actually learning property investing, then this course is, by far, the one for you.


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