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Property Cash Buyers

Constantly seeking new purchases

We pay the highest finders fees in the industry, paid in cash or in shares in the deal

What does life have in store for you next?  

Why sell to us

Price & performance

Exceeding expectations

What should you be looking for in a buyer? We believe it boils down to price and performance.

The property buying process in the UK is already hard enough. Ensuring your buyer has the right team and the right experience, should be high on your list.

When it comes to price, it should simply be fair. The same way that the seller can not expect to sell their property for more than what it is worth, how can they be expected to sell it for less than what it is worth.

The price is the figure that makes everyone happy.

Happy sellers

Why take a promise over a signed contract

Actions speak louder than words

We buy anything from small self contained studio flats to blocks of 50+ flats. Basically, any residential property that we can add value to.

If there is a property that can be bought for a price that leaves all parties involved happy, then we would love to hear about it.

Speed and efficiency is our speciality. Just tell us what you need to happen and we will take care of the rest.

Single Family

As safe as houses

The cornerstone of every portfolio that we build

Providing long-term investments, with stable yields that regularly outperform other asset classes

We take a creative approach in exploring new acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships.

Our single family purchases consist of flats and houses in need of refurbishment stretching across London and Essex.

We have the capabilities to exchange contracts the same day and complete within 48 hours

Multi Family

The ultimate, high yielding asset

Exorbitant returns & passive income

Multi family is our most preferred type of investment and we have been known to pay large commissions to secure the blocks of flats that we set our sights on.

We know what we want when we see it and we will do everything within our power to be recognised as the right buyer for that property.

With the scope being anywhere from 10 to 300+ individual units, we constantly have our finger on the pulse, researching and viewing any available listings

Why choose us

Institutional and private investors

Building dreams together

From starting our own considerable portfolio in 2001 and then to acting alongside our partners since 2008, we have grown to understand exactly what it takes to be a respected and reliable buyer. 

We value our business relationships and appreciate that they are at the core of our success. Our aim, is to exceed expectations

By investing together, our interests are perfectly aligned.

How we do what we do

Attracting & retaining the right people

Attitude & Culture

One of our biggest assets is our professional network who share our assiduous work ethic and keep to our pace.

We have a solid track record for identifying an ongoing stream of opportunities that will maximise capital returns for our private and institutional investors.

The 25-50% return on capital that we continuously achieve year on year would not be possible without the long term relationships we have built lasting 15+ years.

Professional Infrastructure

Dedicated team, working hard to deliver

Property professionals

We work hard to build trusting relationships with our contacts that open doors to us first, with the confidence that we can act fast and deliver upon our promises.

Working closely with our professional infrastructure to approach opportunities with a finely tuned strategy.

Whether its probate sales, repossessions or a lead from an agent, we can act quickly and confidently. We are not interested in the cheapest price, but a price that is fair and where all parties leave the table happy.

We cover the whole of England?

Whatever your fee is, add 50% to that and that is what we will pay you for bringing us a deal. We are cash buyers and can have the money in your bank within 24 hours



  • Houses & Flats in England requiring modernisation

  • Low lease flats 

  • 1 bed flats over 500 Sqft to be converted into 2 beds

  • 2 bed houses with first floor bathrooms that can be converted into 3 beds

  • Assisted sales

  • Probates

  • Repossessions

  • Entire blocks of flats of any size, requiring refurbishment, vacant or occupied

  • Pubs with or without planning (South England)

  • Plots of land with or without planning

  • Office space with PD to convert

  • Small plots of land that are too small for residential that can be used for parking 

If you have anything that you might think will be of interest WhatsApp me directly, immediately. 




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