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"Much more can be achieved together"

About Us

Income Producing Residential Property Is What We Do
Our history 


We have been investing in income producing residential property in the United Kingdom for 20 years. We have purchased and managed all types of properties from individual studio apartments to blocks of 40+ flats. We have bought, sold and managed over 100 million pounds worth of property in todays money and have fully designed and project managed over 200 residential refurbishments.

We have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly, giving us the wisdom and knowledge to grow to where we are today.


Being the Managing Partner of a chain of Estate Agents at the age of 25, purchasing nearly 100 properties by the age of 28, struggling through and surviving the recession of 2009 have all contributed to the foundations of Property Sauce.

Damian Murray

CEO and Founder of Property Sauce

Our future


Property Sauce was formed to unite the experience, expertise and knowledge of the members of a unique professional infrastructure that has formed organically over the past 20 years. The same Property Finders, Estate Agents, Contractors, Solicitors, Architects, Finance Brokers, Accountants and more, that have worked alongside each other since 2000 are still going strong today. It is what we like to call, The A Team of Professionals.

It is our realisation that it is incredibly difficult for the Millennials of today, or anyone else for that matter, to invest in the UK Property Market. Not only does Property Investing require knowledge, relationships and commitment but it also requires large sums of money.

It was this fact, along with knowing how good we are at what we do, that inspired us to form Property Sauce Invest. We are here to allow you all to become Property Investors along side us. No matter what Credit Score you have, how much you earn, how much or little knowledge you have, you can partner with us on our next Residential Property Purchase.

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